A Candid Review of Dave Ruel and Karine Losier’s eBook

You might be wondering how metabolic cooking works, and how it can help you burn fat faster than other fat loss diets out there. You’re not alone, because many other people are curious about it too. Here’s the basics: It is a recipe book comprising healthy recipes that are meant to maximize the body’s fat burning process. Having a great recipe book like this has certainly been helpful for me and my wife who happens to be a rather fussy eater. She will only eat food that is healthy and nutritious; therefore, this book has tremendously helped us because we always used to disagree about what to cook and eat.

Essentially, “metabolic cooking” gives details of foods that burn fats to speed up the body’s metabolism to cause it to burn more calories. Therefore, as it burn more calories, the body has to look for other sources of energy, such as belly fat, and begin metabolizing it to produce more energy. This type of cooking uses what one would consider a three-pronged approach by using food with a higher metabolic thermo-charge, their nutrient profile, and fighting the MAP, or metabolic adaptation phenomenon.

Metabolic thermo-charge is a term that describes foods that force the body to use a lot of energy to break down food and digest it. The recipes in the book are packed full of these fat-burning foods designed to get the body’s “furnace” stoked and ready to speed up and keep working optimally. If you are worried about finding foods that you hope would be good for your weight loss goals, you do not have to worry about that. The program as a whole contains easy and quick fat burning recipes, which include snacks, entrees, side foods, and desserts. All of them have ingredients that will help improve your body’s “furnace;” therefore, all you need to do is cook and eat. Which, of course, sounds good to me!

This particular program uses a unique system called the metabolic nutri-profile, which categorizes what is in a recipe so that people can see in one quick glance if that particular dish is one that they would like to add to their meal plan. Vegetables, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins are all coded on the upper right corner of each recipe so that people can understand what each dish contains. However, not all recipes have all four food groups/profiles. For example, if you are planning to prepare a snack, a profile with carbohydrates and one with protein will work perfectly according to your meal plan for that particular day. However, you need to remember that you need to eat a balanced diet of all food groups throughout the day to stay healthy.

This profile, again, MAP for short, is the one that many people do not like because it’s something many people have experienced. Basically, it is like hitting a plateau in your exercise regime where your body gets used to your normal workout that you stop making any visible progress. If you normally work out at the gym, you have probably faced this problem at one time or another. Essentially, one can get used to preparing and eating the same food day in and day out that one’s body simply gets used to the routine and then adapts to it. One may be eating healthy food, but one’s body simply adapts to it and the weight loss process slows down significantly.

With more than 250 great recipes to choose from, this recipe book, co-authored by Karine Losier, offers you numerous recipes to choose from so that you do not get used to the same old food. My wife and I no longer feel stressed when it comes to prepare food. We simply pick one of the many recipes. You need to keep surprising your body with different healthy food to keep your body working efficiently in the fat-burning range to burn more body fat.

One thing that the recipe book stresses is the need to time your meals and snacks every two to three hours. If you have tried out any healthy eating or weight loss program in the past, you have come across this a few times. I have to confess that I find it somewhat difficult to abide by this guideline. However, when I do abide by this cycle, the results are more noticeable. I hope you will have more success.

The book’s snack recipes are also great. As someone who loves snacking, these healthy snacks recipes are really great for me. In addition, I personally feel healthier and lighter ever since I started following the program a few months ago. Like most people who have tried out various weight loss diets, I was initially skeptical about the assertions made by the book. I thought it was just another weight loss recipe book. I did not believe much of the hype until I experienced some weight loss after using the recipes outlined in the book. I have lost approximately 12 pounds so far, and while this may not sound very impressive, it is a great feat considering the fact that I eat several times a day and I do not exercise regularly. I also feel more energetic and have no problems playing with my small kids.

The recipe book does not require that you use any fancy supplements, tricks, or starvation. All you need to do is prepare and eat healthy foods designed to enhance weight loss by using the best fat burning recipes and using them in a way that you can make sense of. You do not have to complicate things. This program aims to make everything simple for you.

When you invest in this recipe book, you will learn to use the best ingredients to help you burn fat without having to compromise with your food’s taste. In addition, you will learn how to live a healthy lifestyle and cook the right way. Whether you want to make a pizza, burger, or any of your favorite foods, with the ingredients and techniques outlined in the book, you will learn which ingredients to eliminate or cut down to get rid of excess calories from your diet.

According to the authors of the cookbook, most other fat loss recipe books have three major problems:
• Rather than using the right ingredients that will boost metabolism, they often use unhealthy ingredients that actually encourage your body to store fat like high calorie dressings, margarine, or even sugar. Basically, they are not optimized for burning fat.
• They are not organized and have no structure to create simple and quick meal plans. In most cases, they just feature a collection of recipes put together for people to pick and choose whatever they feel like at any point of the day.
• Finally, they cause people to end up eating the same old and boring (and NON fat burning) foods over and over, which can lead to a slow down of the body’s metabolic process to a point where one will not be losing weight anymore.

What you will Find and Learn in the Metabolic Cooking book:
• More than 250 fat-burning recipes
• Everything about fat-torching foods
• A built-in nutritional system
• Important nutrition and cooking rules
• How to conquer the metabolic adaptation phenomenon
• How to manage your kitchen, your food budget, and your meal preparation successfully
• How to create your own personalized fat loss meal plan
• Complete access to their private list of resources such as their personal shopping list, their cooking glossary, where to buy the best kitchen supplies, and even the same food logs they use at home every day

The complete Metabolic Cooking package comes with a 9-recipebook set that teaches how to prepare tasty fat-burning meals that will give you the opportunity to achieve the results and the kind of body you deserve. You will find simple and quick recipes to prepare breakfast, sides, snacks, smoothies, chicken and poultry, red meat, fish and seafood, and pork. You will also get five bonus cookbooks for free. In addition, you will also get a 100% no-questions-asked, iron-clad, 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your investment.

The co-author of this recipe book, Karine Losier, is also fondly called the Lean Kitchen Queen. She has a real passion for this (even though she admits that she is not a trained chef), and likes to challenge the common misconceptions about cooking techniques and gives her recipes a healthier twist, without sacrificing appeal or taste. In addition, her Master’s Degree in psychology makes her intimately conscious of the many psychological challenges many people struggle with when it comes to their body image, habits, health, and motivation.

The only problems with this cookbook package are:
• A rather large collection of guides and cookbooks, which might be overwhelming
• Some recipes do not have the final picture of how the meal should look like

I would recommend this cookbook to anyone who is hoping to lose weight using healthy and tasty food. With so many recipes to choose from, you can never go wrong. I am really impressed with the work the authors did by creating this huge number of delicious fat-burning recipes.

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